Unlock 250,000 USDT Rewards
Events Period: Nov. 30– Jan. 4

AscendEX’s Milestones

Public Test 2018/7
BTMX Funds Pool of 10M USDT+ 2019/7
AscendEX Staking 2020/4
The AscendEX Rebranding 2021/3
Daily Trading Volume of $120M+ 2021/5
Series B Fundraise 2021/11

AscendEX 3rd Anniversary Promotions

Bounty Rush Underway Max. Rewards $

11/30 12:00 AM- 12/7 12:00 AM UTC

Bounty Rush

Sign up, trade, and complete tasks to share in a 30,000-USDT bounty pool. The more tasks completed, the more bounties there are to win.

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3rd Anniversary Mystery Prizes Underway Max. Rewards $

12/7 2:00 AM - 12/14 12:00 AM UTC

3rd Anniversary Mystery Prizes

Complete tasks to win mystery prizes including NFT tokens, bid quotas of an upcoming AscendEX Auction, airdrops, and more.

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Margin/Futures Trading Challenge Underway Max. Rewards $

12/9 12:00 AM- 12/30 12:00 AM UTC

Margin/Futures Trading Challenge

Share a prize pool worth $50,000 for early participants that execute margin or futures trades to win a share of $70,000.

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Invest in Earn Underway Max. Rewards $

12/21 12:00 AM- 1/4 12:00 AM UTC

Invest in Earn

Invest in AscendEX Earn to receive daily earnings, complete quizzes, and tasks to share pooled rewards worth $30,000.

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